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Pumilia Turbine service was founded as an independent service partner servicing the utility in the industrial power generation sector. Our workforce gathers engineers knowledgeable and experienced in the mechanical assembly and overhauling of medium and large turbines and generators, as well as in construction and maintenance.

Our service team consists of the site manager, a mechanical engineer for turbine and generator, a turbine blading specialist, a hot gas specialist, a generator diagnostic engineer, an I&C control engineer, and a commissioning engineer.

Our competences for overhauls are:

• Disassembly and assembly of turbines and generators
• Blading works of compressor and turbine section
• Maintenance of combustor chamber and hot gas path
• Generator diagnostics and high voltage testing
• Maintenance of generator windings
• Commissioning and start-up of turbines and generators

All our team members have more than 15 years OEM experience in overhauling of turbines and generators. Our specialists provide all levels of outage support for customer needs. With our full band of individual engineers for each area, we can support you on the whole powertrain during outages.



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