Personnel Leasing ES

We offer qualified personnel for large and small projects in Switzerland and abroad. The appropriate experts are chosen according to the specific job requirements. They have professional qualifications and experience and are capable to correctly handle and monitor the projects on behalf of the customers.

For large orders, we benefit from our extensive infrastructure and can deliver complete camps with logistic, PC connectivity, and all needed equipment.

As the continually changing circumstances of different countries, industries, and applications require flexible employee management, we can relieve our customers of that burden. For many cases, we have already developed innovative models and solutions.

«We make our customers' concerns our own. They are individual for each task and industry and require correspondingly differentiated profiles of the employees. Bearing this in mind, we select the appropriate forces and prepare them thoroughly for the project. Thanks to our prudent approach, we achieve the above-average quality of service. That is why our customers mainly choose us as project partners.»

Andreas Pumilia, Managing Director



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